Wildfox Couture Mermaids Never Cry Couch Princess Jogger in Beach Cooler

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When we think of Wildfox Couture, we always think super comfortable and always fun! Truly, Mermaids never cry, ever! This fun screen print graphic front drawstring joggers are fabricated from the softest fleece. The silhouette is designed with a slouchy and effortless fit. The look is finished with a baggy, boyish drop crotch and a raw hemline.

Made in USA

70% Cotton 30% Polyester

Size        Rise        Inseam        Thigh        Hips        Waist        Ankle

XS             9               12                 9            21.5          11.5           8.5

S              9.5             13                10             22           12.5             9

M               9              12.5            10.5           24          13.75          9.5